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BNG Team offers a suite of products and services designed to help small-to-medium-sized businesses save time, eliminate stress, and focus on doing what they love.

Time spent IN your business is not time spent ON your business.

SMB’s are constantly faced with day-to-day distractions that require attention just to keep business moving. Inbound service and support calls, technology interruptions, monthly repetitive tasks, customer and prospect follow up, staying on top of compliance tasks – this firefighting is inefficient and hurts your long-term success.

Run your business instead of letting it run you.

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between running an efficient operation and focusing on what moves you ahead. BNG provides cost-effective products & services to help SMB’s confidently eliminate routine tasks, reduce stress, and focus on what drives their business forward.

Higher efficiency and focus is a click away.

Let us show you how thousands of SMB’s are already saving time and money with our suite of products and services.

Our Services

Business Operations

Improve your operational efficiency with technology. Through payment solutions, premier point-of-sale systems, and accounting software automation, reduce time spent on manual, repetitive tasks.

Sales & Marketing

Uplevel your messaging and bring in more leads to grow your business. Reach your audience through digital marketing services, from web design, SEO/SEM services, and promotional products.

Human Resources

Managing the complex benefits and compliance requirements of human resources can be overwhelming. Offer best-in-class benefits and comprehensive insurance packages at competitive costs.

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We go the extra mile, because we care.

Titan Technologies Logo
BNG is just an awesome company. AWESOME SERVICE from everyone on their team. COMPETITIVE pricing. I’m really happy that I’ve found them and I know you will be too!

Paul Nebb

President of Titan Technologies, LLC

payment processing

Savage Consulting Logo
A must have for businesses. ConnectBooster has increased my cash flow by a least 20%. Businesses now pay their invoices on weekends, that has never happened before ConnectBooster.

Bob Savage

President at Savage Consulting, Inc

payment processing

Singleton Building Logo
Speaking on behalf of Singleton Building, we have been very impressed with the services we have received from the BNG marketing team. Staff seems to have a good feel for current technology and a solid understanding of consumer needs. I would recommend considering BNG when putting together a marketing campaign for your business!

Tyler Rupp

Sales & Marketing Manager at Singleton Building, LLC

digital marketing

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