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Who We Are

BNG Team provides small to medium sized businesses with invaluable services, including credit card processing, point-of-sale systems, premium website development, marketing services, and an automated billing software.

Brady Nash

Owner, CEO

Ryan Goodman

Owner, President

Our Solutions

BNG Payments is a credit card processing company that assists merchants with Payment Technology, Credit Card Processing, Gateway, Electronic Check, and Payment Integrations with company CRMs.

BNG Design is a digital marketing and web design agency that helps small business owners receive a ROI with their company website and digital marketing efforts.

BNG Point-of-Sale is a premier source of customized business solutions for Point-of-Sale Systems, Touch Screen Tills, Electronic Cash Registers, Inventory Software, and additional services.

ConnectBooster is a software that makes it easier for your clients to pay you. Our software works to solve A/R issues, Accounting Integration, CRM Integration, and a Payment Portal for your customers.

Our Story

Our story started in 2004 with three college friends attending North Dakota State University. As self-starters, they fell in love with the idea of being entrepreneurs and dropped out of college. From there, they began working to support local businesses in small North Dakota towns with payment processing services.

BNG Team’s roots are entrenched in the payment processing industry. The founders decided to start their own payments processing business, because they learned that many other companies in the payments processing industry operated with unfair practices like overcharging rates and fees.


September 2004

Friends met at NDSU
Tyler, Ryan, and Brady started with network marketing for Excel.


January 2007

Incorporated into BNG Holdings, Inc.
Officially became a registered credit card processing and service company.

Core Values

BNG Team has a goal to continue to grow, improve, and remind ourselves of what our company stands for. In an effort to do so, we have established our Core Values. A core value is defined as a principle that guides an organization’s internal conduct, as well as its relationship with the world. These ideals represent the driving force behind BNG Team, and the amazing people that make up our company family. These are the same ethics that have been with us from the beginning, and we apply to every person we encounter.



Integrity is synonymous with respect; we believe that every business opportunity is not worth pursuing if it can’t be done with honesty. When we speak and act with integrity, we’ll never have to fear the results of our work.



Excellence means going above and beyond, not settling, and not accepting the status quo. In business, it’s not just checking the box or going through the motions, but striving for greatness in everything we do.



Ambition is that driving force behind our desire to be great. It’s the determination to never give up and always strive to become better in every facet of our business. We will always work harder to better ourselves, our team, and our business relationships.



Being creative is part of our passion to be exceptional problem solvers. It takes imagination to go beyond the ordinary. It’s creativity that allows us to have vision and foresight, and adjust to our clients’ needs.


Happy & Grateful

Being happy and grateful means having a positive mindset and appreciating what you have. Choosing to be positive, and having a thankful attitude determines how we live and treat others. It’s this mentality that makes our team caring, open, and fun.

Our Vision

To passionately serve and strengthen businesses through innovation, challenging the status quo of the payments processing, software development, point-of-sale technology, and website design industries.

Our Mission

To empower growth-oriented businesses to achieve their objectives with an expanding set of premium business solutions.

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3285 47th Street South
Fargo, ND 58104

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