Get The Most Out Of Your Organization’s Leadership Team

Business Consulting That Works

Patrick helps organizations overcome their biggest growth problems and empower their leadership team.

Is your business stuck?

It’s a painful truth, but if your business isn’t growing it’s dying. There are countless ways businesses struggle to grow, including:

  • Growing too rapidly and finding it difficult to scale your processes and resources to meet demands.
  • Hitting a revenue plateau where you are trapped at the same profit/loss margin and can’t hit your growth goals.

Both positions limit your potential for growth and cause stress, which in turn affects your team’s morale and ability to communicate.

“Why trust EOS? Because it works. BNG Team has been using the methods taught by Patrick for years and has consistently ranked on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the United States since 2014.”

Brady Nash

Your guide to success

Your organization can break through the challenges that are holding them back. As an EOS consultant, I am your partner on your leadership team, a coach who’s there to facilitate those difficult conversations, and I am here to help you set up the EOS framework for success you can use forever.

Transforming Your Business Starts With Three Easy Steps

Success is a journey, and the first steps don’t have to be hard. I’m here to help you get to the root of your problems and overcome them with my three easy step process.

1. Contact Me

Reach out and set up a time for me to learn about your business and discuss your problems.

2. 30-Minute Meeting

We’ll meet and go through an overview of your business, what goals you’re trying to achieve, as well as discuss the main problems you’re experiencing.

3. 90 Meeting

After our first meeting, I’ll create your custom Organization Profile and go through the tools you will need alongside your executive team to reach your goals.

Guaranteed Plan With No Upfront Payment

Traditional consulting lacks the incentive to stick with a business and ensure its success. I’m different. Everything is a guarantee, and you will not pay until your organization gets the value you need and are given the framework to build success. With continued check-ins during the first 90 days I’m here to answer all your questions, will be in meetings as an unbiased third-party, and will ensure your team builds accountability to success with one another.

Take The First Step On Your Success Journey

I’m here to give your business what it takes to succeed, take 30 minutes to invest in solving your business’s largest issues by reaching out today.

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