Restaurants have faced incredible challenges from COVID-19. Many businesses have had to implement online ordering to keep their doors open, despite limited seating capacity to complete shutdowns.

As winter brings on a new wave of cases, we see more states implementing CDC guidelines and restricting dine-in options. The CDC has noted in their risk assessments for restaurants

“Lowest Risk: Foodservice limited to drive-through, delivery, take-out, and curb-side pick up” (

There is good news though, due to the need to keep the hospitality industry thriving, point-of-sale providers like SkyTabs are offering online ordering for free during COVID-19 to support the industry and local businesses. Many restaurants plan to keep online ordering as part of their business going forward, as it brings in more customers and increased orders, leading to extra revenue to offset any service cost.

There are many ways to add more contactless payment and ordering options to ensure your business is protecting your staff and customers without spiraling into debt.

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