Some practical ways to leave a positive first impression involve asking people about their hobbies and what drives them. Networking is all about planting the seeds of a relationship and cultivating it over time through multiple interactions.

Those conversations might not end with a sale immediately; in fact, it might not lead to anything, at all. But planting seeds of trust and respect leaves a powerful impression. People will know and appreciate you’re investing time in them.

Some CEOs might want a short cut, but there is no other way. Either you invest time into a relationship or you don’t. Building a good rapport with someone takes time and work, and you cannot expect to build any meaningful relationship if you don’t put in the effort.

There have been countless times after someone was eagerly asking questions about a specific service that our company offers I was able to find solutions to alleviate their pain points. Because I listened, they opened up. Now they have asked me to sell my product to them.

Even if a networking event does not lead to an immediate sale, there is still a benefit in the long run. I have countless relationships that were built from past conversations that have said no to a sale, but referred other businesses or became resellers of our product.

Final thoughts on networking

As you can see, networking isn’t complicated and doesn’t require you to be an extrovert. It only takes good listening skills and the ability to share your experiences with others.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, I am passionate about helping business owners improve their networking game, but I’m interested in other topics as well. If you have a subject you want me to cover or leave me feedback on this blog, reach out! I love hearing from other entrepreneurs and business owners.

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