As our business begins to grow, I find myself looking for more managers to take the burden off my other senior staff. We’re just getting too big, and we need a lot of talent to manage individual departments.

I’ve gotten several questions on what I look for when I’m seeking to promote someone, and I wanted to take some time and share my thoughts with anyone who’s looking to become a manager at their current job.

Now, some of this is specific to our company, but a lot of things I talk about are true for many small businesses who are growing and looking for people to promote.

So if you’re seeking a role in management, follow these tips.

Be dependable and embody your company’s core values

There are quite a few people at our company that are irreplaceable, and they’ve earned that status. They are foundations of our business and are so skilled at their jobs if they left our business would suffer.

One of the biggest ways I know someone can’t be replaced is because they are constant in their work ethic and don’t let me down.

I’m not talking about never making a mistake, but that they strive to always do their job to the best of their ability.

They are the people who don’t take shortcuts, who’ve stayed late to finish something because it needed to be done. The ones who have gone out of their way to make sure their department is on track and help their co-workers, regardless if it was their job or not.

Our core values are important to us, and I want people in management to represent them at all times. At their desks, when meeting with clients, or outside of work.

All these qualities that we’re going to talk about here are just examples of building trust and showing that you’re committed to the company.

If you’re not sure what your businesses core values are, you should try to get a pulse on what skills are important to leadership. Not every business has core values exactly like ours, but most businesses have certain values they want their employees to exhibit.

Showing that you want to commit to making the company work can help you cement yourself as invaluable to management and help set you in a promotion.

Be invested in the company’s success

I love when my staff works to create new ideas and improve current processes in the company.

As much as I love coming up with ideas for improving current processes I can’t be everywhere at once. Now that I’m the CEO, I can’t put myself into the daily grind and specific pains that each person faces doing their job. When I see people who are constantly thinking outside of the box, who want to see how they can improve their department and make their team better, I take note.

Seeing a team member also look for the best solution to a problem, the best price for a product we need, I see someone who values my money and time. I look for managers who are looking to handle their department money as if it was their own.

Talking with leadership about ideas you’ve researched and would save the company time or money shows to me you’re invested and engaged in our success. I look for people who are pushing for BNG to grow and succeed. You want people who are passionate about your company and their role within it.

More importantly, if you’re interested in management, you’ll need the respect of your coworkers, especially if you’re going to be put in charge of them. If you’re working toward making your department’s life easier and more productive, they’ll see your value and be more likely to work toward the company’s success.

Communicate your desires with leadership

I think after showing great qualities and rocking your current job, make sure you tell leadership you’re interested.

You’ll never get a chance to be a manager if you don’t tell the higher ups you’re interested in taking on more responsibilities.

As we’ve grown, we’ve built a lot of leaders, but we’re going to need even more. So I’m looking for people that I know are going to think about the company’s best interest, people that have good decision-making skills. I also want people who want the responsibility.

Being a manager is not easy. It comes with a lot of pain, and the buck has to stop with you. But if you’re interested in taking on the role and responsibility, you need to share your desires with management.

Now every organization is different, and some businesses do not encourage their team members to transition into leadership. However, you’ll never know if leadership would even consider you for a promotion if you don’t let your desires be known.

Mention your long-term goals at your annual or quarterly reviews. Ask if you could be considered for a position if it becomes open. If they say no, ask if there’s anything you could do to make them consider you.

They’ll either help you and encourage to step up into management, or won’t want you to advance, and you’ll know it’s time to find another job where you can grow and become a manager.

You don’t need to get promoted to get a pay raise

Not everyone wants to be a manager, but many think they need to go on that path if they want a pay raise.

Managing people isn’t for everyone. It requires a passion and dedication to working with people and getting into the weeds and guiding people you’re in charge of. It’s a lot of responsibility and work that not everyone wants to do.

You don’t have to pursue a role in management just to get a pay raise.Working hard and taking on more responsibilities and excelling at your job are reasons to get a raise, regardless of the title of “manager.”

Using your talents to better your department, or make the company money is still valuable and makes you a great asset to your company.

Don’t make a mistake and force yourself into a role you don’t want because you feel it’s the only way to advance.

You may never intend to be a manager, where you have a team you directly are responsible for. But you can still set an example as a leader in your department. You can still take on extra tasks and be rewarded for it.

Final thoughts

Not everyone has the desire or skills to be a manager, but if you do you should pursue it. You may not be ready in the exact moment, but working on your potential and growing into the best you can be at everything is the first step in a long journey.

I hope you enjoyed my blog on becoming a manager. If you’re interested in a future in management, I encourage you to grow your talents and keep pursuing that passion.

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