Our History

  • Friends met at NDSU

    Tyler, Ryan, and Brady started with network marketing for Excel.

  • Joined Fortune

    After Excel went bankrupt, the friends joined Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing.

  • Became independent sales reps

    Recruited by a payment processing company. Started reselling credit card processing and check collection services.

  • Incorporated into BNG Holdings, Inc.

    Officially became a registered credit card processing and service company.

  • Ryan Theis joined BNG Team

    Started selling services door to door and then developed their online marketing to get customers nationwide.

  • First online sale

    Ryan Theis successfully sold the company's first credit card terminal and merchant account online in Hawaii.

  • 1st employee

    BNG Team finally had enough money to hire a full-time employee.

  • First Office

    They finally moved out of their shared house's basement, and moved Downtown on Broadway. The rent was $350 a month, and the place was super tiny.

  • New Office

    The guys moved to slightly larger office on 32nd Ave S.

  • Acquired Outsourced Solutions

    Formed BNG Technologies and started working with a PSA to help us better manage the new business.

  • Created ConnectBooster

    The guys paid $15k thinking the amount would be enough to develop ConnectBooster and help BNG Technologies get paid faster.

  • BNG Technologies voted ASI's (Restaurant Manager POS) Rising Star

    BNG Technologies was awarded as a new premier point of sale provider.

  • Began partnership with Tigerpaw Software

    BNG Holdings, Inc. began a partnership to integrate with Tigerpaw Software via their BNG Payment Gateway to streamline the payment process for all of Tigerpaw Software's customers.

  • Began BNG Design

    Theis became an official w2 'employee', creating websites with a focus on SEO optimization and being a return-on-investment for business owners.

  • Hired Joe Cresswell to help kick off ConnectBooster

    Our key hire helped push the sales of ConnectBooster, and invest more time and money into developing it.

  • Began investing more into ConnectBooster

    After getting a positive outlook from IT Nation, the team decided ConnectBooster was definitely worth the time, money, and effort.

  • Made Inc 5000 list

    #1769 in Nation. #2 in North Dakota.

  • Made Inc. 5000 list again

    #2529 nationally.  #5 in North Dakota.  

    ConnectBooster was awarded Best Integrated Solution IT Nation & Best Technology Integration Autotask.

  • Celebrated our 10 year anniversary

    Released BNG documentary movie

  • Inc. 5000 for third consecutive year

    #2626 nationally.  #4 in North Dakota.  42 employees and rising. 

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