Loved the film?

See all the chaos that went on behind the scenes!

For the 2 hours we ended up using in the final film, we ended up having 10+ hours of extra footage! Since we are not filming a Lord of the Rings movie, we did not include all of it in the film. But you’re in luck! Because the Blu-ray has all the extra footage, we couldn’t include.

We searched through all the unused clips to find the best of the best, including:

  • Brady getting hit in face with a basketball
  • Tyler’s creepy Detroit Lake proposition
  • The wives side of the story
  • The full blooper reel
  • Deleted scenes
  • And so much more!

If you just didn’t get enough of the guys’ story feel free to watch all the extended footage.

*****All of these clips and more are available on the DVDs. Until they are released, please enjoy the exclusive blooper reel below!