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There are a few things you need to know before applying at one of our companies.

At BNG Team, we bring value to our customers and this is reflected in our culture. Our company is determined to benefit our customers, we listen to all ideas, as long as the customer is the focus of our efforts.

We Wear Many Hats But Have One Goal

We have many lines of business which we serve. From payment processing, restaurant point-of-sale systems, IT firms billing, and website design and marketing. Despite our many brands, our goal is to act with integrity, be excellent in our work, labor with ambition, and solve problems through creativity.

Mondays At BNG Team Are Full Of Coffee

Mondays can be rough. That is why BNG Team tries to make the best of them. There may be a lot of work to get done, but in the end, we offer free coffee via our awesome Keurig to help offset the case of the Mondays. Take your coffee into the conference room, or work from your office. Enjoy many of the office treats that our team bake, and once a quarter, we have a company update meeting where we all eat donuts, sugar, and generally be merry.

And We Like To Have Fun

We love celebrating birthdays at BNG Team, every month we do a large meal for all the birthdays that month.


Health and Wellness

We offer you and your family multiple health insurance options at BNG Team. We also offer an additional health and fitness bonus for those who go to the gym. We encourage all our team members to stay balanced and healthy.

Taking Time Off

At BNG Team, we offer unlimited PTO. We have a work hard play hard culture so if you need time off know your team has your back. We find that team members that have a good work life balance come to work happy to help the people we serve.

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