We start with a good attitude, and coffee.

Culture is the foundation of success. That’s why BNG is dedicated to creating a workplace environment that cultivates deep connections and passionate people. Find encouragement to pursue what you love both professionally and personally, both inside and outside of work. Don’t believe us? See what BNG can offer you!

Leadership Team

BNG Team - Brady Nash's Headshot

Brady Nash

CEO, Co-founder

As CEO and an owner, Brady leads the overall direction of all our companies as well as negotiating contracts and new partnerships. Also he works with the executive team to assure every aspect of the company is operating with excellence, and empowering department heads to achieve business goals.

BNG Team - Ryan Goodman's Headshot

Ryan Goodman

President, Co-founder

Ryan helps guide the day-to-day operations of the BNG Team family of businesses, spending much of his time overseeing and building ConnectBooster. His primary focus is to help businesses efficiently and cost-effectively accept payments, as well as keep their Accounts Receivable balances “in check.”

Executive Suite

BNG Team - Jason Gibb's Headshot

Jason Gibb

Chief Operating Officer

Jason Gingerich

Chief Financial Officer

BNG Team - Ryan Theis' Headshot

Ryan Theis

Chief Strategy Officer

BNG Team - Andy Henderson's Headshot

Andy Henderson

Chief Marketing Officer

BNG Team - Cara Christenson's Headshot

Cara Christenson

Chief Experience Officer

BNG Team - Nick Olerud's Headshot

Nick Olerud

Chief Information Officer

BNG Team - Jeanette Haugen's Headshot

Jeanette Haugen

Chief of Product Development

BNG Team - Jeff Vanlaningham's Headshot

Jeff Vanlaningham

Chief People Officer

Tell me again, how did this all start?

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Investment Partnership

Partnered with TrueIT — managed services and CRM consulting


Awards & Accolades

Recipient of Inc.’s 2020 Best Workplaces award 2nd year in a row


Formed BNG Inspire

Acquired “Sunshine & 79” for team and corporate coaching


Formed BNG Promo

Includes branded apparel, promotional products, and signage


Formed OnPoint

Includes personal and business insurance services and title services


Awards & Accolades

Ranked 2748 on the Inc. 5000 list, 138% 3-year revenue growth


Awards & Accolades

Recipient of Inc.’s 2019 Best Workplaces award


BNG Corporate Headquarters

Large headquarters building project completed


SMB Forum

Best Solution presentation


Awards & Accolades

Ranked 2779 on the Inc. 5000 list, 148% 3-year revenue growth


Awards & Accolades

Awarded best integrated solution at IT Nation


Awards & Accolades

Ranked 2626 on the Inc. 5000 list, 133% 3-year revenue growth


Awards & Accolades

Ranked 2529 on the Inc. 5000 list, 141% 3-year revenue growth


Awards & Accolades

Multiple industry awards, including SMB Consulting Best Practices, MSPmentor 501, and CommunityLive Best Technology Integration


Awards & Accolades

BNG CEO finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year Award


Awards & Accolades

Ranked 1769 on the Inc. 5000 list, 227% 3-year revenue growth


Formed BNG Design

Premium website, E-Commerce, and inbound marketing firm


Formed ConnectBooster

Software that automates collections and accounting


Formed BNG Technologies

Point-of-Sale solutions for restaurants, bars, and small retailers


Formed BNG Holdings, Inc.

Merchant services to SMB; credit cards, ACH, E-Check, E-Commerce


Formed BNG Holdings, Inc.

BNG Holdings, LLC. Founded by Brady Nash, Ryan Goodman, and Tyler Buechler

Core Values

BNG Team has a goal to continue to grow, improve, and remind ourselves of what our company stands for. In an effort to do so, we have established our Core Values. A core value is defined as a principle that guides an organization’s internal conduct, as well as its relationship with the world. These ideals represent the driving force behind BNG Team, and the amazing people that make up our company family. These are the same ethics that have been with us from the beginning, and we apply to every person we encounter.


Integrity is synonymous with respect; we believe that every business opportunity is not worth pursuing if it can’t be done with honesty. When we speak and act with integrity, we’ll never have to fear the results of our work.


Excellence means greatness — the very best. Achieving excellence is never easy to do. Excellence is a quality that people really appreciate, because it’s so hard to find. Excellence is the quality of excelling, of being truly the best at something. Getting an A+ shows excellence.


If a person has ambition, the goal is usually wealth, power, or fame. This Middle English word is derived from Latin ambitiō, from ambīre “to go around or about.” In ancient Rome, candidates for office would go around to gain votes, to further their goal of being powerful or famous.


We often think of creativity as limited to the arts, but it is a necessary element in all areas of life. Without creativity we would not have the mathematical theories that presented us with fractals, or the technological imagination that could foresee people walking on the moon. It was creativity that harnessed lightning into electricity and later used that electricity to send messages through wires. Without creativity, we probably would never have invented the wheel or domesticated fire!

Happy & Grateful

Grateful comes from gratus, Latin for pleasing. Originally it meant pleasing, or agreeable (Walter Scott wrote of “the grateful and cooling shade”), but now means thankful. Usually you are grateful to someone for a particular thing she’s done. If you’re complaining about all your problems, someone might remind you of what you have to be grateful for.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Good communication is the foundation of strong teams. That’s why BNG works hard to ensure our team is diverse and a place to share ideas. Not only do we give our team members the tools to purpose change within the organization, but have a dedicated People Team and The BNG Culture Squad to preserve what makes our team special.

Explore the HQ

Work at BNG Team

Life here is pretty sweet. From generous PTO to paid parental leave to monthly birthday celebrations, we work hard to ensure that every employee feels supported and encouraged to have a healthy balance between work and home commitments. We believe rest and a full life outside of the office makes for a happier, healthier team.

We pay it forward,
by giving it back.

BNGive is a beacon of positive impact in our local communities. Through team collaboration, we nurture family and professional relationships by giving our time, talents, and financial resources.

2020 George F. Cresswell Scholarship

Congratulations to recipient Ella Walen

Feed My Starving Children

Over 25 BNG Team members volunteered

Day of Caring

The BNG Team with Edna Miller

BNG Team ranks 2140 in Inc 5000