#NDSmart FAQs

Where does the money from my purchase go?

The money from your purchase goes towards paying for the creation of the item you purchased, part of your money goes towards the shipping and handling of your garment or item to you or to the address you provided at time of purchase, and 100% of the profit goes towards a local business fund. We are working closely with The North Dakota State Legislature on the development of this fund.

How fast can I get my purchase?
All purchases are fulfilled from order and then designed, printed, and shipped here at BNG. You can expect a normal shipping time to be between 5 days and 2 weeks depending on order volume.
How do I get my item?

All purchases will be drop shipped to the destination you enter at time of purchase on our webpage.

What happens if I need to return the item because it doesn't fit?
All sales are final.
Can I buy any of these items in Bulk?
Yes! You can purchase as many items as you like.

For Orders over 100 please email promos@bngteam.com

Can I make a direct donation to the fund?

Yes, you can make a purchase here and/or email promos@bngteam.com and we will help to put you in touch with the appropriate person(s) to make a donation.