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Jeff Vanlaningham Promoted to Chief People Officer at BNG Team

Fargo, North Dakota | JAN. 11, 2021 –BNG Team announced today the promotion of Jeff Vanlaningham to the role of Chief People Officer, tasked with fostering a people-centric culture that promotes the company’s core values and enhances employee engagement. BNG Team delivers business technology solutions, including merchant payments, credit card processing, point-of-sale systems, and automated billing […]

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Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

I believe most problems in relationships stem from communication where people make promises they can’t keep. Some people have a really tough time having direct conversations, and often find it…

How To Develop A Product Or Service As A Business

This month’s topic was submitted through a comment! Thank you Ella Taguiam for suggesting I talk about business development and researching products. To me, product development is always one of…

Why You Embrace Business Competition Instead of Fearing It

In business, you face a lot of setbacks, and you have to keep pushing yourself to grow. My career path has given me an environment full of endless competition to challenge me.

And if you don’t have any competition, you won’t be challenged. And if you’re not challenged, you’re not going to change. Without change, you won’t grow.

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