Partner Program

Build recurring revenue with a partnership

Expanding the value you bring your customers without surpassing your capabilities is key to scaling. Through BNG’s partner program you can offer new services to your customers that not only grow your business but grow your customer’s business.

Affiliate Program

BNG gives all participants in our affiliate program easy ways to add recurring revenue, without adding the costs of new internal staff and team members. Learn how your business can earn monthly recurring revenue with services that improve your customers’ cash flow here.

Integration Partnerships

Looking to expand your current software platform? Create a direct integration with one of our solutions to increase your customer experience while also maximizing your valuation.

Business Partner

We view all business relationships as partnerships. Customers, vendors, joint ventures, or acquisitions. If you have an idea about how we could mutually benefit, let us know.

Already A Partner?

Already working with BNG and need to get in touch? Contact us here and let us know how we can help.

A product suite to be proud of

Business Operations

Streamline your internal operations through technology that does the work for you.

Available Services:

Sales & Marketing

Build a sales and marketing plan that keeps bringing in new business.

Available Services:

Human Resources

Keep HR & Insurance costs down while empowering talent in your organization.

Available Services:

Help others, and earn for yourself

Program Benefits:

  • Access to marketing collateral
  • Partner Portal with CRM features
  • Promotional templates for email and social media
  • ConnectBooster/BNG solutions to your customers
  • Customized marketing campaigns
  • Designated Affiliate Partner Manager

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