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Fargo, North Dakota | MAY 17, 2020 – BNG Team announced the acquisition of Sunshine & 79, an employee experience company aimed at colliding laughter and learning within teams and in the workplace. The acquisition will serve the needs of companies searching for individual, team, and organizational development programming. As part of the acquisition, Sunshine & 79 will be rebranded as BNG Inspire.

The acquisition brings a new type of service to BNG’s expanding portfolio. Unlike their existing business solutions, which primarily fall within the payment processing, marketing, and insurance segments, this acquisition was a strategic decision to both bolster BNG Team’s own company culture as well as broaden their service offerings to other organizations committed to awesomeness in the workplace and life.

“We are thrilled to bring on Nicole and Sunshine & 79 to BNG Team,” said CEO, Brady Nash. “The values held by Nicole and her Sunshine & 79 co-creator Kurtis Karn completely align with BNG’s core values. We plan to utilize their talents and passion for continuing to help in developing our own team of professionals, as well as other businesses.”

With the creation of BNG Inspire, BNG Team plans to amplify its current employee initiatives and add extended employee development programs while also offering employee, team, and organizational development services to businesses throughout the BNG Team territory.

“When we created Sunshine & 79, we had a goal. To take traditional employee development programming and twist it into something fun and something people wanted to be a part of. We couldn’t be more excited to continue to pursue this goal through BNG Inspire by empowering companies to implement their own internal initiatives, further company culture, and help foster happier employees,” said Nicole Turchin, former co-creator of Sunshine & 79 and now, BNG Team’s Director of Inspiration.

BNG Team will be releasing news in the future about new services being offered through BNG Inspire for businesses pursuing human, team, and organizational development programming over the next few months.

About BNG Team:
BNG Team is a business solutions company providing merchant payment processing, point-of-sale systems, premium website development, marketing services, promotional products, automated billing software, managed IT, and insurance services. Founded in 2007, the company services 8,000+ customers nationally and continues to rank on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in North Dakota. To learn more about their services and unique culture, visit their website

About BNG Inspire:
Formerly Sunshine & 79, BNG Inspire offers human, team, and organizational development programming that is non-traditional, full of learning, and packed with fun. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, or learn more at

Contact: Kimberly Pigeon, Director of Creativity
Company: BNG Team
Phone: 701-526-3539

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