Ryan Goodman

Owner, President

What Ryan Does For BNG

Ryan, along with Brady, guides the day-to-day operations of the BNG Team family of businesses.

Ryan spends much of his time overseeing and building ConnectBooster. His primary focus in that role is to help businesses efficiently and cost-effectively accept payments, as well as keep their Accounts Receivable balances “in check.”

Ryan’s Past & Passion

Ryan was formerly a partner in a construction company in his hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota and attended college at North Dakota State University for Architecture. He received a “trial by fire” training in sales via network marketing and says “that industry is what turned me on to the concept of residual income. It’s that concept that has evolved into the family of companies we have today.” Ryan enjoys that BNG helps businesses to not only save money and generate new revenue, but also saves them time to focus on their own strategies. “You can always generate more money, but you can’t buy back time!”

In His Spare Time

Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife Amanda and their two boys, Owen and Liam. He plays softball and golf in the summer and is an “avid sledder” in the winter with his sons! He also enjoys working out regularly and continuing to learn and grow in BNG’s industries.