Our Team

Brady Nash

Owner, CEO

Ryan Goodman

Owner, President

Jeff Vanlaningham

Vice President

Nick Olerud

Chief Operations Officer

Ryan Theis

Chief Strategy Officer

Jason Gingerich, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Jason Gibb

Chief Project Officer

Rob Andersen

Chief of Special Projects

Andy Henderson

Chief Marketing Officer

Dan Austin

President of BNG Design

Geoff Zibell

Director of Business Solutions

Cara Christenson

Director of Operations

Kimberly Pigeon

Director of Creativity

Ryan Peduzzi

Director of Media Buying Operations

Jeanette Haugen

Director of Product Management & Quality Assurance

Beth Brasel

Executive Assistant/Facility Manager

Wade Gronwold

President of Promotional Products

Richard Hoffman

Sales Development Manager

Sam Szczesny-Dale

Web Manager

Josh Wester

Payment Support Manager

Ryan Harlicker

Software Engineer Manager

Alan Spriggs

Software Support Manager

Trever Hansen

Senior Solutions Engineer

Ashley Johnson

Channel Engagement Manager

Chris Sayre

Partner Manager

Colton Schumacher

Product Manager

Morgan Miller

Digital Marketing Manager

Max Hanft

Senior Systems Engineer

Ann Stillwell

Client Success Champion/Data Analyst

Dakota Hoots

Staff Accountant

Anna Olson


Jeff Wald

Maintenance Tech

Scott Heinle

Senior Sales Consultant

Tom Reinhardt

Independent Sales Consultant

Nikki Richter

POS Sales Consultant

Jesse Forster

Sales Consultant

Brodie Wald

Sales Consultant

Josh Shulstad

Sales Consultant

Jason Bolstad

Sales Consultant

Nick Bobb

Sales Consultant

Sheyanne Dufault

Partner Advocate Specialist

Elias Hoffman

Partner Advocate

Chris Leary

Partner Advocate

Nate Moris

Partner Advocate

Beau Wilmer

Partner Advocate

Ashley Bixby

Partner Advocate

Adam Heyer

Partner Advocate

Rachel Gingerich

Data Cleaning Specialist

Ashley Hahn

Digital Account Manager

Kelly Mead

Social Media Specialist

Lizzie Wester

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Aaron Larson

Web Developer

Jasper Ricarte

Web Developer

Brittney Hoffman

Service Desk Dispatcher

Douglas Roise

Merchant On-boarding Specialist

Annalise Johnson

Payment Support Specialist

Mike Mihulka

POS Support Specialist

Lauren Lindhurst

POS Support Specialist

Adomar Dizon

Software Support & Implementation Specialist

Tom Ohmacht

Software Support & Implementation Specialist

Brock Nash

Senior Software Engineer

Eric Spray

Senior Software Engineer

Randall Fish

Software Engineer

Nick Wigtil

Software Engineer