Andy Henderson

Chief Marketing Officer

What Andy Does For BNG

Andy serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for BNG. He is responsible for the creation and execution of both client and internal marketing strategies. With a diverse background in leadership positions he also supports overall strategy and analytics for all BNG businesses.

Andy’s Past & Passion

Andy brings 17 years of executive leadership, operational management, technology & engineering, and digital marketing. His tenure includes startup to large corporations, most notably at a world-recognized innovation leader company. With a degree in mechanical engineering from North Dakota State University, Andy progressed through a variety of roles such as R&D, commercialization, and operational roles. His track record is documented with granted patents, corporate-level award recognitions, and numerous product launches working with customers from Apple to Samsung.

Andy’s curiosity for understanding how things work and helping businesses grow eventually drew him to the marketing field. Now, a digital marketing analytics and advertising addict, he brings his innovation and drive to our clients of all sizes, helping them navigate the online marketing space and ultimately to drive business results.

In His Spare Time

In his spare time, you can find Andy spending time with his wife, daughter, family, and friends. Andy loves to get outside golfing and camping and is an avid runner and triathlete.