Brady Nash

Owner, CEO

What Brady Does For BNG

Brady leads BNG’s overall company direction, spending most of his time, negotiating contracts and new partnerships. Brady makes sure that the many departments of BNG are all working together in the same direction to achieve the company’s goals. He has taken proactive steps in recent years to stop micromanaging and to give more control to department heads. Having very skilled individuals in each division of the company has been crucial to the companies recent growth. Brady now leads from a higher view and leaves more of the smaller, but important details, to his trusted team members.

Brady’s Past & Passion

Brady was born in Winnipeg, Canada June 28th, 1986. Brady was raised in a very conservative, faithful family. Being raised in a Free Lutheran church contributed to Brady’s core values, “Love one another as you would love yourself”. Both of Brady’s Parents were Collegiate Athletes in Valley City, North Dakota where they met. Brady’s Dad – Donald Nash – became a History teacher and coach for many sports and Brady’s Mom – Penny Nash (A Canadian Native) – became an English/Art teacher and coach for many sports as well. So Brady grew up loving to compete in everything and understanding teamwork, which are skills that have lead to his success in running his company.

His passion and skills are still in sales and he still dips in on the sales side to satisfy his passion(and to still prove to himself that he still has it). He wants to make sure that he understands the hurdles that the sales and customer service teams face everyday, so that the company is in a great position to be setting the industry standards.

Brady has recently done a lot more public speaking in regards to entrepreneurship and the process of automating getting paid. Instilling belief in merchants that they deserve to get paid and to get paid on time. Then not only believing this, but then implementing this process throughout a company from top to bottom, significantly improving a companies cash flow and ability to survive and then thrive.

In His Spare Time

When Brady is not working, he values his time spent with his family. Brady met his wife, Brandi Wald, in 2008 while she was pursing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at North Dakota State University. Brandi graduated from NDSU in May of 2009 and they married in August of that year. Brandi is a Registered Nurse at Sanford Health. Together they have 5 children. He enjoys spending his evenings & weekends playing with his children. Brady’s other hobbies include basketball, golf, softball, bowling, lifting weights, and watching various sports on TV.