Brodie Wald

Sales Consultant

What Brodie Does For BNG

Brodie is a Sales Consultant whose primary focus is showing people the benefits and overall greatness of the technological marvel that is ConnectBooster. He provides excellent customer service and does his best to create strong business relationships, and provide products and services to help our clients be the best they can be.

Brodie’s Past & Passion

Brodie grew up in a small town of 650 people. He graduated in a class of 27, which was the largest class in the school to graduate in it’s history. He has worked in multiple different fields, and has a vast wealth of experience in multiple industries. He did farming as a young lad, then worked at the State Hospital in Jamestown for seven years right after high school. Shortly after leaving the State, he moved to Fargo and got a job as a golf salesperson, where he found his second true love: sales. He left the golf store for a paying career, and he managed an AT&T store for many years before making the transition to BNG.

In His Spare Time

Fun story: Right after he left the State, he decided to move to Fargo. He got a temp job for a month while waiting for the Fargo apartment to be ready; while working there, he was invited to a new co-worker’s house for a game night. The co-worker had invited many of her high school friends over, one of which was Resa. He knew right away, this was the one God had for him.

They were married four years later. When he is not spending time with his loving wife and family, he is passionate about golf and fishing (ice or soft water). He also enjoys woodworking and finding things that can be bought, then making his own version of them to fit his vision.

He also has a passion for helping, as he has traveled to Mississippi, Louisiana, and Ecuador, amongst other places, with his church. Other hobbies include bowling league, billiards, cooking, baking, and playing pinochle.