Colton Schumacher

Product Manager

What Colton Does For BNG

Colton acts as an escalation point of contact for tricky or unique customer support scenarios. He often works in tandem with the development team to offer design feedback on new product features. He also serves as a communication bridge between support and development teams.

Colton’s Past & Passion

Born and raised in North Dakota, Colton’s roots trace back to the town of Jamestown. At an early age he discovered a knack for disassembling (and sometimes reassembling) just about anything and everything with a circuit board. He poured a great deal of energy into all aspects of technology. His craving morphed into a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from North Dakota State University. The skills he learned there are directly used with his role at ConnectBooster.

In His Spare Time

Some of his passions outside the realm of video games and technology include: hunting, snowmobiling, trap-shooting, cooking, and restoring classic cars. As an avid outdoorsman, Colton is always planning his next great adventure.