Jeff Vanlaningham

Vice President

What Jeff Does For BNG

As Vice President of BNG, Jeff has a wealth of experience growing companies; he is in a position to coach and guide our leadership team and works with our C-level executives to craft and implement company strategy. Jeff also has as strong passion for enhancing our ever-growing company culture.

Jeff’s Past & Passion

Previous to BNG Team, Jeff spent the last ten years serving as the President of Real Truck and was responsible for growing their revenue by 1,150%. He implemented the Dream Manager position at Real Truck and prides himself in using those same tactics to help our BNG employees discover and pursue their dreams!

In His Spare Time

As a lifetime North Dakota resident, Jeff has been married for 22 years and has three children. When heโ€™s not encouraging others to pursue their dreams, he enjoys spending time hiking and adding to his funk jazz music collection.