Josh Shulstad

Sales Consultant

What Josh Does For BNG

Josh works as a Sales Consultant for the ConnectBooster team. He primary focus is educating customers on all the ways ConnectBooster can help businesses streamline their finances.

Josh’s Past & Passion

Josh grew up in the small town of Pelican Rapids, MN, the youngest of three brothers. His parents instilled in him the strong values and the golden rule.

After graduating high school in early 2000, he went to a few different colleges and finished his degree in Sales, Marketing, and Management from MSCTC. From there, he worked with Tradehome Shoes for a little over nine years. While he was working there, he met his wife, Cara.

After a long time in retail, Josh wanted to work in sales and marketing, only not on such a hectic schedule. He moved to selling tires and helping people find the right solution for their vehicle.

His passion for sales led him to BNG. He connected immediately to the Company Vision and Core Values, appreciating how sales were structured to offer the customer a solution that left an impact on their business.

In His Spare Time

When he’s not at work, Josh is a family man who loves spending time with his wife and family members. They also enjoy traveling, especially in Arizona, Colorado, and California. He also enjoys playing basketball, football, volleyball, softball, botchy ball and spending time at the gym.