Josh Wester

Senior Support Specialist

What Josh Does For BNG

Josh is the BNG Senior Support Specialist. He assists our customers by answering various questions and resolving issues concerning daily business life. Josh also runs an after-work D&D game for his coworkers.

Josh’s Past & Passion

Josh grew up in the city of Caro, MI. He moved to North Dakota in 2010 to work on a farm in Leonard, ND. After a summer of Lawn Mowing, Ditch Digging, and Mechanical work, he moved to Valley City, ND as an Oracle CRM Consultant. A couple years later Josh found himself being brought into the BNG Family as a POS Technician. However, he had a mind for troubleshooting and customer service and was moved into the Countertop Terminal support role where he worked closely with the Payments Sales Team. He further expanded his horizons and now handles many aspects on the BNG Team; from physical terminals to virtual terminals, and just about everything in between, Josh has done it all.

In His Spare Time

When not at work Josh spends his evenings 3D Modelling for his 3D Printer, preparing for and/or playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends and wife, or sitting around his fire pit with friends and family.