Kimberly Pigeon

Director of Creativity

What Kimberly Does For BNG

As the Director of Creativity, Kim takes the creative lead at BNG Team, working with designers, artists, copywriters, sales teams and marketers to create a vision for the products sold.

Kim’s Past & Passion

Kim grew up in Montana and North Dakota, graduating from Red River High in Grand Forks, ND.

Kim attended North Dakota State University from 2005-2010 in pursuit of a degree in visual arts. In May 2010 she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with minors in Psychology and Web Design.

Shortly before graduation, Kim received her first Web/Graphic Design position at a local company in Fargo, ND. After learning many new skills and creating some very important relationships in the community, Kim decided to pursue other avenues of the design world.

In September 2012, Kim received her position with BNG Design and has since created and implemented multiple websites. She continues to expand her knowledge of both Web Design and Graphic Design while creating lasting relationships with clients of BNG.

In Her Spare Time

Kim loves spending time with family and friends, and you can often find her in the company of those she loves the most. She also enjoys painting, drawing and anything else that allows her to be creative.