Neil Keltgen

Sales Manager

What Neil Does for BNG

As the Sales Manager, Neil oversees the entire sales team for BNG Team and it’s subsidiaries. He spends time working directly with our salespeople, coaching them, and developing BNG Team’s sales processes.

Neil’s Past & Passion For Our Business

Neil grew up in Olivia, MN, and spent his early years working for in the family business. This gave him tremendous insight into the struggles and challenges small business owners face and helped develop his worth ethic.

He eventually moved to the Fargo/Moorhead area to attend Minnesota State University Moorhead and worked part-time in the wireless industry. From that initial job, he ended up transitioning to leadership and took on managing over 11 locations across Minnesota and North Dakota.

Neil found BNG through previous employees who worked for him, and the way they spoke about the company’s culture intrigued him. He saw a chance to work in a new leadership position with a company culture he could get behind.

He plans to use his experience in leadership to train and coach the sales team.

In His Spare Time

When he’s not working, Neil loves spending time with his wife Melanie and their children, twins Brielle and Keenan, and Drew. They enjoy being outdoors as much as possible as well as sports.