Nicole Turchin

Director of Inspiration

What Nicole Does for BNG

Serving as our Director Of Inspiration, Nicole works with the team members at BNG to help them pursue their personal goals. She also uses her talents to drive BNG’s internal culture initiatives as well as help other organizations in their efforts to develop awesome humans and teams. 

Nicole’s Past & Passion For Our Business

Born in Grand Rapids MN, Nicole grew up in the country, which cultivated in her a love of calm and appreciating the simplicity of life. Originally, Nicole attended NDSU as a pharmacy major, before switching career paths and graduating with a B.S. in Speech Communication with a minor in sociology. 

She launched her professional career in politics then transitioned into the world of marketing and communications where she worked in city governments, non-profits, agencies, and software companies as a marketing communications manager, customer success advocate, and a marketing director.

Five years ago, her career path developed into something deeper, and she found herself wanting to help people achieve their personal and professional goals. After jumping into the world of human development, in 2019 she and another co-creator founded SunShine & 79 to combat the stuffy world of self-help and create human development programming that truly impacts individuals’ lives and empowers them to think with a “what’s possible?” mindset. 

Now, in addition to leading our growth initiatives, Nicole actively participates as a member of several of our BNG employee-led programs, such as: 

  • BNGive
  • The BNG Culture Squad
  • BNG Book Club, and
  • BNG Lean In Circle

Nicole is also pursuing her Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership,  with a Servant Leadership emphasis through Gonzaga University located in Spokane, WA.

In Her Spare Time 

When she’s not empowering others to pursue their passions, she loves spending time with her husband Terry and their two dogs, Huck and Doc. They love spending time outside, and enjoy snowshoeing in the cold Minnesota winter months. Nicole usually always has a book she’s reading and considers herself a Bravo TV addict.