Nikki Richter

POS Sales Consultant

What Nikki Does For BNG

Nikki’s role at BNG is POS Sales Consultant, which says a lot. Her goal is to work with businesses in a consultative role, exploring what the best options for the individual are in each situation. By implementing what is needed to best grow their business, cut expenses and loss and simplify their day to day operations, she enables operators to have more time to focus on items requiring their valuable attention.

Nikki’s Past & Passion

Nikki is from small town Minnesota originally, where she developed a love of small business and the feeling of being known when you walk into a place. That is the ideal she has brought into every career since high school. Knowing that you are seen and heard is a valuable commodity, and is very rare in business these days, and it is one of the cornerstones of her business dealings and customer relationships. Nikki has successfully managed several franchised businesses over her career, mostly in the restaurant and fitness industries in Colorado, North Dakota and Minnesota.

When her children were born, she needed to do something that allowed her to be present in their formative years and so ran her own daycare for 4 years. She came to BNG from Food Services of America where she had the west central Minnesota territory and was able to grow the territory from having lost most of its business to a highly profitable area for the company by taking the time to hear concerns and frustrations, and then by working with them on a way to effectively solve them and grow business with new ideas. Knowing restaurant operations and the food service industry as well as she does puts her in a place to help customers find exactly the right products and solutions for their individual, unique establishments.

In Her Spare Time

Nikki loves to spend time with her husband Dan, her son Ben and her daughter Jamisen. Ben plays hockey, and Jamisen does gymnastics-needless to say, free time is a rare commodity with a hockey player! They spend as much time at the lake and outside as possible in the summer as they live in Fergus falls, in the heart of beautiful lakes country! They attend Life church in Fergus Falls and are very active in their church community. She is a huge NFL football and NHL hockey fan!