Ryan Harlicker

Software Engineer Manager

What Ryan Does For BNG

In his role as Software Engineering Manager, Ryan brings his extensive industry experience, passion for excellence, and his can-do attitude to the ConnectBooster engineering team.

Ryan’s Past & Passion

Ryan grew up in southern Minnesota and studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at North Dakota State University. Following his studies, Ryan joined a local company which specialized in accounting software for the C-Store and Trucking industries. In time, Ryan joined Great Plains, then Microsoft where he specialized in the development of the engineering platforms, building up his skillset of engineering large software codebases.

In His Spare Time

Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and four sons. In the summers, you can find them relaxing at their lake home or spending time with friends and family. In addition, Ryan pursues his interests in all things technical related, swimming, biking and spending quiet time curled up with a good book.