Ryan Theis

Chief Strategy Officer

What Ryan Does For BNG

Ryan’s focus is on helping set and execute the long-term growth strategies for the BNG Team family of businesses. Much of the time that means taking Brady’s ideas, filling in the details and working with the team to turn those ideas into reality.

Ryan works with the leadership team to identify and solve growth and scaling issues. He also leads in developing many of BNG’s new companies, products and services as well as developing strategic relationships and channel partnerships.

Ryan founded BNG Design, a company that builds highly effective websites and marketing solutions for many area and national clients.

Ryan’s Past & Passion

Ryan grew up in the small town of Cold Spring, MN and started his first successful business during his senior year of high school.

Ryan attended North Dakota State University in 2004 for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Early in his freshman year he realized his entrepreneurial dreams were not going to directly benefit from a degree in engineering. He joined with the BNG Owners in a network marketing company and worked hard to become a regional manager.

Ryan had a brief sting with a medical supply company to learn more about outside product sales and customer service before returning to the BNG team. Upon his return to BNG, Ryan helped to build BNG Holdings, Inc. and found success in marketing our processing services online to merchants throughout the US. Some of Ryan’s early websites catapulted BNG’s reach from a small local presence to having clients in all 50 states.

Ryan has a passion for building companies and believes strongly in providing the best solutions to the clients of BNG. He enjoys working with business owners to help them grow their businesses by solving complex problems and finding the most cost-effective means to achieve their goals.

“We take care of every merchant as if they were our largest. That is what sets us apart in this industry and ensures our continued success.” – Ryan Theis

In His Spare Time

Ryan, above all else, loves spending time with his wife Erin and their four children Josephine , Charlie, Eleanor, and Lydia. He also enjoys paintball, basketball, fishing, hunting and snowmobiling with family or friends. If Ryan is not at work or spending time with his family, you can probably find him tinkering on something at home in his workshop.