Sam Szczesny-Dale

Web Manager

What Sam Does For BNG

Sam is the Web Manager for BNG Design. She manages the web team, prioritizes tasks and is the main contact for all our web clients.

Sam’s Past & Passion

Sam grew up in Maple Lake, MN, but moved to Moorhead to attend Minnesota State University Moorhead and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Communications and was a member of the honors program.

She was very active on her college campus, acting as a tour guide, freshman orientation counselor, and president of their Web Design and Development Club.

Sam began working as a web designer before graduating and enjoys a fast-paced and challenging environment where she can take on bigger, more stimulating projects with lots of puzzles to solve.

In Her Spare Time

Sam can often be found either sitting in front of a TV playing video games or watching anime. She works on cosplay for anime and video game conventions, while also finding time to work on her ball jointed doll hobby. When sheโ€™s not crafting, Sam likes to spend time with her husband, puppy, and cat.