Tyler Buechler

Owner, Vice President

What Tyler Does For BNG

Being one of the founding members of BNG Tyler’s passion for entrepreneurship, and the business specifically, has always been to see it grow. He works in multiple areas of the company wherever needed but spends the majority of his efforts on curating and developing sales. His vision is to see the expansion of the ConnectBooster and BNG brand and to see the BNG Family continue to grow as well.

Tyler’s Past & Passion

Tyler grew up on a dairy farm near the small town of Strasburg, North Dakota. In 2000 he came to Fargo to attend college at NDSU and pursue degrees in microbiology and biotechnology. In 2004 Tyler and his best friend Ryan, got their start in business working with a marketing company. That same year they met Brady who became the third partner in what is now the BNG Team. What started as a business quickly became a passion and that has lead to some amazing transformations for the young entrepreneurs.

Tyler says his passion for the merchant services industry comes from a desire to be on the cutting edge of technology and to provide great customer service in an industry that is plagued by shady sales tactics and a sign ‘em and forget ‘em approach on customer service. “We don’t see ourselves as a sales office or a service company. Instead, we’re a consulting company on technology and payments solutions. Our goal is to find the best products on the market or develop them ourselves if we feel one doesn’t exist that meets our expectations. Rather than just having cookie cutter solutions, we aim to have multiple solutions in every area so we can tailor it to fit the merchant’s needs. That’s how we add value to every business we work with.”

In His Spare Time

Tyler enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports like basketball or golf with his friends. He also enjoys traveling whenever he has the opportunity. He likes to experience something new whenever there is the chance.