September 2004

Friends Met at NDSU
Tyler, Ryan, and Brady started with network marketing for Excel.


October 2004

Joined Fortune
After Excel went bankrupt, the friends joined Fortune
Hi-Tech Marketing.


September 2005

Became Independent Sales Reps
Recruited by a payment processing company. Started reselling credit card processing and check collection services.


January 2007

Incorporated into BNG Holdings, Inc.
Officially became a registered credit card processing and service company.

Employees: 3


June 2007

Ryan Theis Joined BNG Team
Started selling services door to door and then developed their online marketing to get customers nationwide.



First Online Sale
Ryan Theis successfully sold the company’s first credit card terminal and merchant account online in Hawaii.

Employees: 4



1st Employee
BNG Team finally had enough money to hire a full-time employee.



First Office
They finally moved out of their shared house’s basement, and moved Downtown on Broadway. The rent was $350 a month, and the place was super tiny.



New Office
The guys moved to a slightly larger office on 32nd Ave S.

Employees: 5


January 2010

Acquired Outsourced Solutions
Formed BNG Technologies and started working with a PSA to help us better manage the new business.

Employees: 7


August 2010

Created ConnectBooster
The guys paid $15k thinking the amount would be enough to develop ConnectBooster and help BNG Technologies get paid faster.



BNG Technologies Voted ASI’s (Restaurant Manager POS) Rising Star
BNG Technologies was awarded as a new premier point of sale provider.


June 2011

Began Partnership with Tigerpaw Software
BNG Holdings, Inc. began a partnership to integrate with Tigerpaw Software via their BNG Payment Gateway to streamline the payment process for all of Tigerpaw Software’s customers.

Employees: 14


March 2012

Created BNG Design
Theis became an official w2 ’employee’, creating websites with a focus on SEO optimization and being a return-on-investment for business owners.

Employees: 20


January 2013

Hired Joe Cresswell to Help Kick Off ConnectBooster
Our key hire helped push the sales of ConnectBooster, and invest more time and money into developing it.

Employees: 19


April 2014

Began Investing More into ConnectBooster
After getting a positive outlook from IT Nation, the team decided ConnectBooster was definitely worth the time, money, and effort.

Employees: 29



Made Inc. 5000 List
#1769 in Nation. #2 in North Dakota.

Employees: 31



Made Inc. 5000 List Again
#2529 nationally. #5 in North Dakota.

ConnectBooster was awarded Best Integrated Solution IT Nation & Best Technology Integration Autotask.

Employees: 35


November 2016

ConnectBooster 2.0 Release
We announced that our ConnectBooster product got a face lift and advanced features at IT Nation.


January 2017

Celebrated Our 10 Year Anniversary
Released BNG documentary movie

Employees: 54



Inc. 5000 for Third Consecutive Year
#2626 nationally. #4 in North Dakota. 42 employees and rising.


September 2017

BNG Team Ground Breaking
BNG Team broke ground on their new building



Made Inc. 5000 List 4 Years in a Row
#2779 nationally. #4 in North Dakota.

Employees: 61


January 2019

Added Dream Manager Program
BNG Team Breaks New Ground By Hiring “Dream Manager” To Coach Employee Aspirations

Employees: 71


March 2019

Moved Into Our New Home
The BNG Team moved into their new location 3285 47th Street S in Fargo, ND.